Pasture and Grazing Production Protocol:

The cattle diet for both the cows and calves will be raised on 100 % grass/legumes that provide a balanced diet and promote gains. The goal is to provide adequate varieties that will allow cattle to graze 365 days. The only supplement fed to cattle is grass or legume hay produced in the same manner as the pasture production. No animal by products, animal fecal matter or grain is approved for feeding.

Harris-Robinette follow an intensive grazing strategy and fencing and water access that reduces erosion and compaction while maximizing grazing potential.

Harris-Robinette does not apply pesticides in any form to the pastures. Weeds and Pests are control by grazing and mowing.

Fertilizers on the National Organic Standards are approved, except for litter from Broiler Operations and human waste.

Breeding Stock:

Approved trace minerals must be provided

Approved vaccines are allowed for breeding stock that aid in the protection from reproductive diseases. Vaccines will be administered in the neck region in front of the shoulder. De-wormers are allowed on an individual basis.


No growth promoting hormones can be administered at any time.

Approved vaccines are administered to protect calves health. Vaccines will be administered in the neck region in front of the shoulder and sub-q.

Approved trace minerals must be provided

Calves will be fence-line weaned to reduce stress.


All cattle must have approved documents before being transported

Calves must be handled stress free

Calves will not be crowded in trailer

At no times will inhumane methods of moving cattle be permitted