The Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906 requires USDA to inspect all cattle, sheep, swine, goats, and horses brought into any plant to be slaughtered and processed into products for human consumption.

After years of raising superior grass-fed cattle, our family noticed a lack of these USDA-inspected processors available to North Carolina independent producers.

In 2012, we established Micro Summit Processors, an 18,000 square feet, USDA-inspected facility. Micro Summit's focus on cattle harvesting and processing allows our family to maintain control throughout each step...including handling, processing, and further processing. With an emphasis on Humane Handling and Food Safety, Micro Summit Processors offers consumers the freshest, safest products on the market.

As customers have increasingly demanded food transparency, Micro Summit continues to educate consumers by inviting them to tour our facility. Our family has welcomed countless tour groups to view our system, including 4H and FFA chapters, high school Biology classes and even animal rights organizations. These consumers leave our facility confident in our beef products and in our family values...knowing that we will not compromise on either.

Immediately after opening, Micro Summit Processors was certified as an Animal Welfare Approved facility and remains an industry leader in humane handling.